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After 12 years Sony Ceases PS2 Production

by Rezaa De Vos (TolkenWhiteBoy)  Posted Tuesday, January 08, 2013 10:50:35 AM



The Sony Playstation 2 has come to an end. Sony has told the Guardian that they are ceasing production of the Sony Playstation 2 consoles. The PS2 is heralded as the most successful console, selling more than R150 Million consoles worldwide and still being played to this day.

Psx2-dev-1-.jpg Source: VGsales

Released in March 2000, the PS2 has had many successful titles such as God of War 1 & 2, Final Fantasy X to XII, Gran Turismo 3 and those soccer games that a small group of people cared for.The PS2 went under two iterations during its life cycle, both selling and beating its competition the original Xbox which sold 24 Million.

With the current generation also coming to an end, we may never see such a feat in console sales with the PS3 or the future PS4. Seeing the statistics below its clear that the industry has changed, players have grown up. People are more careful with there money, The PlayStation 2 had a unique way of penetrating the market and will live on to be one of the greatest consoles ever made.

Sony_consoles_shipments.jpg Source: VGsales

Source: asymco

Some stats via shows us more definitive numbers behind the success of the PS2:

PlayStation 2 (PS2) Statistics

  • Total PlayStation 2 consoles sold 150 Million
  • Total PlayStation 2 games sold 1.51 Billion
  • Top Selling PS2 Game : Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas 17.33 Million 
The PlayStation 2 had a great run and I am sad to see it come to an end, but I am glad I was part of the generation that lived through the launch of the PS2 and see its end.

Playstation 2, the third place indeed.


playstation-2-memories.jpg  Psx2-dev-1-.jpg  2-620x378.jpg  Sony_consoles_shipments.jpg  Playstation2logo.jpg 

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