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When science and gaming mesh the world becomes a better place

Yesterday Broken Crown Games launched a forum, ‘Science Behind the Sci-Fi’. The purpose of this interesting sounding forum is to serve as a platform from where the studio can bounce ideas between gamers and actual scientist, covering STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) topics. The material will be used in the studio’s new game, Escaping Titan, a Post-Apocalyptic Space Fiction, Single-player RPG.

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Scientists Behind the Science

The forum features a four-member panel of scientists in fields related to the science-fiction found in Escaping Titan.  The panelists are:

  • Jamie Boyer, Ph.D. - Paleobotany
  • Robert Hampson, Ph.D. - Neuroscience
  • Jacob Haqq-Mirsra, Ph.D. - Astrobiology
  • Amitai Bin-Nun, Ph.D. - Astromony and Astrophysics

These four will rotate each week, putting out a post for the first four weeks of each month.  Also, due to overwhelming response from the science community when the Broken Crown Games studio made their call for panelist submissions, the team now also plans to feature a guest’s content each month as well – for a total of 5 posts a month.

Game Sneak Preview

If you aren’t a science lover that’s OK, the Broken Crown team doesn’t expect everyone to be in order to find the forum interesting.  In order to drive attention to the STEM content, the development team plans to update all the panelist blogs with sneak previews of game – using the panel updates to show how the science in the panelists’ posts were used to create the science-fiction in Escaping Titan. These sneak peeks will include concept art, in-game

Source: Games Press


Escaping Titan is a Post-Apocalyptic Space Fiction, Single-player RPG. Following the terraboom era (which takes place centuries after the time of Surviving Mars), our solar system has a new governmental order with Saturn's moon Titan at the center of it all. In Escaping Titan, you choose your backstory, and play through the game as an individual looking to escape the corruption and hypocrisy of the system's new capital city.Aquire a ship, recruit a crew, haggle for supplies, and determine your destination, all in your attempt to escape Titan.

Source: Broken Crown Games Official Website

The game is planned to release in quarter four of this year for PC, Mac, Linux, OUYA, (and possibly Xbox 360).

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