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Eye of Dante app adds Augemented reality to DmC

by Desmond Kurz (bosbvok)  Posted Thursday, December 06, 2012 8:46:55 AM


Its seems the folks over at Capcom are on the lookout for ways to enhance the gaming experience for players by bringing the mobile phone into play with their upcoming release of Devil May Cry.

Capcom, in a recent announcement, have revealed The Eye of Dante free mobile application, developed in collaboration with Augmented Reality experts, Aurasma. Users of the application will be rewarded with in-game currency that can be used when the title launches on 15 January 2013 on console.

So, how do you earn points then? The announcement further added:

"By joining The Order (THEORDERBLOG.NET), the organisation within the world of DmC formed to fight the demons, users of the app are challenged to undertake different quests and achieve specific goals, to attain points towards their style ranking. Completion of missions will result in exclusive unlockable rewards, such as wallpapers and ringtones as well as points which can then be redeemed within DmC Devil May Cry for Red Orbs, the in-game currency used to upgrade and unlock Dante’s skills."

eye_of_dante_01_thumb.jpg eye_of_dante_02_thumb.jpg

eye_of_dante_03_thumb.jpg eye_of_dante_04_thumb.jpg

The Augmented reality component really comes in when you use your smartphone camera as the app will allow you to discover  "hidden messages behind real-world items and objects, just as Dante has the ability to see through the demons’ lies and propaganda in the game". 

You can go and download The Eye of Dante now on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, free of charge.


eye_of_dante_01_thumb.jpg  eye_of_dante_02_thumb.jpg  eye_of_dante_03_thumb.jpg  eye_of_dante_04_thumb.jpg 

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