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So it begins, Mass Effect 3 Omega launches

by Han Cilliers (Lola)  Posted Tuesday, November 27, 2012 7:52:38 AM


We finally have a first look at what Mass Effect 3: Omega holds, and it’s going to be a wild bad-ass ride. Remember the smoking hot bitch that ruled Omega, Aria T'loak? In Mass Effect 3: Omega, she takes off the gloves to fight against The Illusive Man for rulership of her beloved brothel, erh space station.


We meet familiar and new faces with the Omega adventure; also it seems Garrus might fall in love. The trailer gives us a really good look at the Turian female, Nyreen Kandros, the first of her kind in the Mass Effect universe. I have to admit, she looks deadly, sexy and not to be f**ked with!

On my visit to the Omega station in Mass Effect 3, Aria had me intrigued. Her confidence, dark undertones and aggressive nature make for a terribly exciting character. A powerful woman that rules the lawless of the galaxy, what’s not to like?

The Illusive Man sends his best against Aria in the form of the Adjutant, a Reaper creation converted for use by Cerberus; yes of course he did it. We also meet General Oleg Petrovsky, the new ruler of Omega.

In my opinion, no General or engineered Reaper will be able to stand against the combined female powers of an Asari and Turian. Hell has no fury like an Alien bitch scorned!

Mass Effect 3 Omega is available on PC and Xbox 360 today and on PlayStation 3 tomorrow (sorry not on the Wii U) for $15 (R133) or 1200 Microsoft Points.

Check out the action packed, female powered launch trailer.

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