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Black Ops 2 League: How to rank up

One of the biggest additions to Black Ops 2 has to be its league system. With these additions comes many questions: how do you make it to the next level, how will you reach the best ranking possible and how exactly can you be the number one player. Well, get ready because all those questions are about to be answered. 


First off is the question of how are you going to rank up?

The ranking system on Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is not based off the amount of points you earn or the amount of kills you get, it is not even based on completing in game objectives. The ranking system is purely based off of wins and losses. 

In my personal opinion this probably isn't the fairest way to rank you as an individual, due to the fact that you could just be grouped with the worst team mates ever and even if you get the highest score in the match you will still lose rank. Don't worry though, there are a couple of things that you can do to strengthen your chances of winning and therefore ranking up. One of the best ways to do so is by partying up. In a classic game of school yard football you want the best and strongest players on your team; the same applies to the Black Ops 2 league system. 

So next up how will you reach the best rank possible?

Well I have some good and bad news for you there. The bad news is that the highest league, the pro league, is currently locked. The good news, however, is that the leagues will be opened on the 1st of December. This is due to the leagues now operating on a trial basis between now and the 1st of December. This trial period will be used as the mechanism for Treyarch to iron out all the problems before the start of the season. Yip, that is right the leagues will operate on a season to season basis as far as we can tell. So use this time to familiarize yourself with the league and how the system will work because come 1st December your rank will be reset and all the big dogs will come out to play. Then you will be required to play your placement matches over and then there will be no turning back.


Best rank in Black Ops 2 League play

So you want to be the number one player?

Then your going to have to go all out to try make it into rank 1 in the Pro tier. This will only be accomplished by playing as a team as there are no individual modes in Black Ops 2 league play. You’re going to have to find some team mates and build yourselves into an unstoppable winning machine to become the number one team, so no pressure.

Here's to the new leagues, give them a bash and prove that ranking in leagues topples ranking to prestige.

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