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Monday Wake Up Call: 20/08/2012

HEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYY ALL YOU MWEB ZONERS!! It’s Monday again and I'm excited to bring you some great news! 

Im going on leave! Great stuff right?! Awesome like steak sauce! More details in my next article on how my leave is going. So excited.

But you guys want to read about videogame news, because its relevant to your life.. pssh, videogames.. give me the sun and a basket ball anytime, score some goals. amirite!? 

Valves Greenlite and Big Picture Mode:


Valve has announced that Greenlight and Big Picture Mode is coming out 30 August 2012 and Early September 2012 respectively. This will be some serious game changers for valve as big picture mode will bring couch gaming full circle and make it easier for us joypad gamers to navigate the menus. 

Greenlight will be the indies gamers dream as they can vote on what should be hosted on steam and what they think of it. 

You can check out this info on Episode. for screenshots and short interviews.

OnLive Shutting its doors:

original (1).jpg

The video game streaming service Onlive has confirmed its shutting its doors. THe company has filed for bankruptcy and has laid off all employees. 

"Unfortunately, my job and everyone else's was included. A new company will be formed and the management of the company will be in contact with you about the current initiatives in place, including the titles that will remain on the service."

Full story at Polygon.

Google's new anti-piracy rules are helping piracy:


Google has started a new initiative to make getting to torrent sites a bit harder to get to. To do this, they would bury the links to sites that have valid complaints regarding piracy. However two sites have come out to state that this new anti-piracy campaign is actually helping get a more focused group of people on their sites. 

Full story here, so be at ease pirateers. Your stolen goods are still in safe hands. 

PSVita not cutting prices in 2012


Despite the PSVita not selling well as Sony would want, they will not be cutting the price anytime soon. With the Vita not getting any backing via PSVita exclusives, thus no incentive to actually buy a Vita, this might be a bad move on sony’s part. 

Full story on Gamasutra

Assassins Creed Game Director calls Japanese Games Gibberish:


In an interview between CVG and the Assassins Creed game director Alex Huchinson he states that Japanese game developers get too much slack for the lack of proper story in their videogames. Stating its somewhat subtle racism (!) from journalists. 

“You want my real answer? I think there's a subtle racism in the business, especially on the journalists' side, where Japanese developers are forgiven for doing what they do. I think it's condescending to do this” 

Yep.. I play japanese video games and watch the anime and while 80% is gutter trash that's focused for tweens playing on whatever they can to sell, that last 20% has gems that’ll be remembered. I cannot say what light this puts Mr Alex currently on the internet and hopefully does not affect game sales. Personally. The man has a right to state his opinion. Japan! Improve your games! LESS SUCK MORE SKILL!! 

Full interview here


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