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Top 5 games you have to play on Android

by Wessel Minnie (Sillicur)  Posted Friday, October 18, 2013 10:49:00 AM


It is my firm belief that mobile gaming, be it on phone or tablet, has a very bright future and could possibly one day consume us all. Today I bring you my top 5 games on Android. Using my Samsung Galaxy S2 running Android Version 4.0.3 I have played these games for countless hours, therefore I have to warn you that these games are extremely addictive! For those of you who do not have an Android device, these games can be found on iOS as well or you can check out this exceptional article Top 5 games you have to play on iOS.


World of Goo

Weird, wonderful and gooey, this gem of a game tasks you with solving innovative little puzzles which are physics based and extremely rewarding when you complete the more difficult ones. At first glance the game might look relatively simplistic but as you become familiar with all its mechanics and start to really examine the strengths and weaknesses of each ball you realize just how much depth and complexity lies within.

As you advance throughout the different world each with a plethora of levels your challenges become increasingly difficult as you discover new species of goo with their own unique ability curiously exploring the weird and whacky World of Goo.


  • Solve increasingly difficult puzzles
  • Discover new species of goo, each with their own unique abilities
  • Excellent and diverse sound track
  • Graphics that create a deep atmosphere
  • The Sign Painter: Someone is watching you
  • Compete in a living leaderboard to build the tallest towers of goo
  • Play the demo for free, download it here
  • Purchase from the Google Playstore for R49.63 here


Dumb Ways to Die

You control cute little characters trying to escape an unfortunate fate. Dumb Ways to Die has basic gameplay such as swiping, tapping on the screen as well as connecting game elements. The game is a 2D experience with admittedly cute animations and characters that do move fluently. The chopping and death sounds are both satisfying and a tiny bit disturbing when you take in the whole scene the game creates.

Dumb Ways to Die will probably never win any awards; it will also most likely never become the next Angry Birds. It will also probably not keep you busy for the foreseeable future but it will definitely entertain and make you smile while it delivers its safety message in the best possible way! You can read my full review here.


  • Some challenging levels, 15 in total
  • Important safety message
  • Cute characters dying in horrific accidents
  • Tweet your high scores to your friends
  • The safety pledge
  • Extremely funny
  • Download and play the game for free here.  

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Despicable Me

An absolutely brilliant and addictive game, Despicable Me puts you in the running shoes of a yellow character who competes with other minions in order to one day be named “minion of the year” by his boss Gru.

Throughout the game you compete with other minions in fast paced challenges by jumping, dodging obstacles flying and yes, collecting bananas. The game boasts detailed environments in a rich 3D world with multiple camera angles and is absolutely gorgeous. Despicable Me is possibly the best game I have played on my phone to date, so stay tuned for a full review next week!


  • New free updates keep the game fresh
  • Buy or collect currency to purchase various in game items
  • Diverse and dangerous levels
  • Various bonus gameplay modes available
  • Hilarious moments aplenty
  • Increasing difficulty keeps the game challenging
  • Defeat villains in well crafted boss fights
  • Hundreds of missions to run through
  • Download and play the game for free here


Nightmare Runner

Nightmare runner creates an atmosphere unlike any other game I have played and does it by using only the colors yellow, black and a bit of blue.  This side scrolling arcade shooter puts you right in the middle of a strange environment with monsters lurking around every corner.

As you jump from platform to platform killing monsters, you realize just how much detail there actually is in the game. Your character’s gun is so distinct, monsters actually look frightening (think HP Lovecraft with a bit of imagination) and you have a sense of urgency and fear for the life of your character.


  • Detailed world using only three colors
  • Action packed side scrolling shooter
  • Simple controls with great gameplay
  • Collect items and progress as far as you can
  • Download and play for free here  


Into the Dead

Traverse a world overcome by a zombie apocalypse in this brilliantly done horror game where your only goal is to survive as long as possible, running as fast as you can and protecting yourself from the undead.

The game boasts stunning graphics and creates an atmosphere worthy of a zombie apocalypse. You run through hordes of zombies narrowly dodging the undead while picking up weapons and perks that could help you survive just a little bit longer.


  • Zombies, Zombies, Zombies!
  • Exceptional visuals bring the zombie apocalypse to life
  • Frightening and somewhat realistic sounds enhance the experience
  • Collect weapons and perks to survive longer
  • Missions and mini goals keep the game fresh
  • Updates and post release support means fresh content, features and modes
  • Download and play for free here  

Tell us about your top 5 Android games.

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Please note that the opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and not MWEB Connect (Pty) Ltd

Please note that the opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and not MWEB Connect (Pty) Ltd

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