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Why mobile gaming is bigger than you think

by james wernich (GabeSA)  Posted Monday, October 14, 2013 11:50:00 AM


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If like me you are new to the idea of Mobile gaming, and perhaps the reasoning for this is without hesitation due to the concept of it being for less hardcore gamers such as ourselves, then we need to better understand why Mobile gaming has in fact taken off in such an enormous way.

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Mobile gaming has long since moved away from its DOS like look with but one game only designed for the handsets of its generation back then, namely snake. Since technology has been integrated into smaller and faster phones, gaming on these new handsets has taken off beyond my wildest expectations. My person feeling is that this is partially due to the mobility of the handset and that it is far easier to use it just about anywhere, and for more than just on purpose such as making a call, texting or even sending an email. Mobile phones are now portable pocket PC’s, able to do your work on the go as fast as your network or wi-fi would allow you.

So then it is without a doubt a convenient and practical tool for gaming. After all, gaming is for recreation and diversion from the day to day actions that occupy our continuous existence, whether it is travelling to and from our destination, a meeting up virtually with friends and even new people etc. Whatever your reasons for gaming are, Mobile gaming has fast become the medium used for what were once social gamers, to more experienced gamers. The reason is that true the improvements in the technology of phones, along with better graphics, gaming has been able to offer you so much more, albeit on a smaller screen than you may be use too.

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Now whilst I am no stranger to gaming on my mobile phone, I still find it increasingly difficult to manoeuvre around my smaller iPhone 5 screen when gaming, so I stick to basic games to occupy those moments when I need to take a break. When I refer to basic games I essentially talk about Simulator games such as Champ Manager, Footy Chairman, Angry Birds, and Plants vs Zombies 2.

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I do also have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 on hand, but I am waiting to use it for the new Battlefield 4 Commander mode as well as the new Call of Duty Ghosts app launching when both games become available. Though neither of the two are actual games, they do tie nicely in to what mobile has started to offer gamers out there.

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Before we start judging and condemning the impact mobile gaming will offer in the future, one must look at how far it has progressed in such a short period of time, yet only now are we discovering and improving gaming consoles and their functionality even though they have been out longer than cellphones have, and having gained such industry related experience one would almost think that consoles and PC for that matter have the upper hand in delivering quality games. I have decided that as a gamer I need to remain open minded to the possibility that mobile gaming will in fact offer a great deal more than just social gaming to kill that few extra moments in our day, but can be expanded to do so much more. Long gone are my notions that phones are merely for basic office tools and the occasional call. It has become as powerful as my work laptop, and easier to move around. I know there are still limits, but within 5 – 10 years, who knows what can be created, the power and speeds we could experience, the graphics and audio, and the compact yet significant uses the mobile device will offer, especially on the Tablets and iPads.

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So, with the open mindedness I have always claimed I would have, I will pay careful attention to how this market will change in the upcoming years, and how much it could possibly impact on the gaming industry as a real contender next to other handheld devices, as equally as it could compete against the next gen consoles. I hope to play more advanced games in the future and to write reviews based on these Android and iOS games. I truly hope that I will be pleasantly surprised and pre-occupied.

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