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Max Gentlemen - A game for those with a Napoleon complex

by Han Cilliers (Lola)  Posted Monday, August 18, 2014 7:18:00 AM


Max Gentleman.jpg

Max Gentlemen is a game about feeling bigger. So if you suffer from the Napoleon complex (short man syndrome), or know of someone who does, then this is the game for you. The gameplay mechanics are simple - the more gentlemanly you are, but in a manly way, the bigger your pile of hats get. You can even compete with others to see who has the biggest pile. Examples of being a "max gentleman" include things like, "In Max Gentlemen, when you drink a beer, a hat will fly upon your head, because you deserve it (for being so manly.)? 

Well alright then.

You might wonder where its creators, "The Men Who Wear Many Hats" came by this absurd idea. Why penis pills of course!

"Max Gentlemen started as an afterthought to a spam email we got for penis pills entitled, "Max Gentlemen." We never read that email; instead we dreamt up the world of Max Gentlemen."

hat pile.jpg

My pile is bigger than yours!

The idea of being a Max Gentlemen appealed to enough people to make it reach its Kickstarter goals. So if you want a quick fix to deal with the frustration of short man syndrome, then you can download the game for free today. Max Gentlemen features different gentleman, several modes and a wide selection of hats. I just want to point out that ladies can, of course, also partake in the fun. 

Max Gentlemen is available on PC, Mac and iOS and Android devices. Curious to know more about the game? Follow this link for ego enlargement ;) Be the biggest man you can be on August 21st - the day Max Gentleman releases.


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