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Top 10 iPad and iPhone games and apps for April 2014

by Han Cilliers (Lola)  Posted Monday, May 19, 2014 1:21:00 PM


One guess as to the top iPad game for April 2014. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft of course. Surprising, the number one game for the iPhone was not Hitman:GO (it came in at no six), but Wayward Souls an action-adventure game, much like the successful Spelunky. April also features the very challenge and addictive FTL: Faster than Light at number four on the iPad and Loco Motors from Minority Media. 

GrooveMaker 2 took the number one App spot on both the iPad and iPhone. "GrooveMaker works with pre-arranged sets of loops (called “Songs”) that always sound good together. You can remix them in real-time in limitless ways with our patented “groove generator” technology." I want to direct your attention to the number two App on the iPad, My Incredible Body - A Kid's App to Learn about the Human Body, "creates a learning experience that appeals to the natural curiosity of kids. It’s designed for experimentation, experience, and discovery. The App includes 3D models and animations of the brain and nerves, lungs and muscles, to name but a few.

The iPhone Quality Index boasts over 250,000 scores from the world's best websites, such as  148AppsPocket Gamer, and  What's On iPhone, and uses a unique metric to create a single definitive score for each iPhone title.

Top 10 iPhone games for April 2014

                             GAME NAME                           PUBLISHER  Qi 
1     Wayward Souls RocketCat Games 9.3
2     Monument Valley     ustwo 9.2
3     Ace Fishing: Wild Catch     Com2uS USA 8.6
4     Leo's Fortune     1337 & Senri 8.3
5     iOOTP Baseball 2014 Edition     Out of the Park Developments 8.2
6     Hitman GO     Square Enix 8.0
7     Sometimes You Die     Philipp Stollenmayer 7.9
8     SideSwype     Radiangames 7.9
9     David.     Andrew Armstrong 7.8
10     Loco Motors     Minority Media 7.8


"A lot of developers have tried to capture the roguelike experience on mobile, but RocketCat Games has just served up one of the most convincing efforts yet. Wayward Souls tops April's iPhone Qi chart thanks its superb action-RPG core that encompasses random level design and permadeath. Just behind at #2, Monument Valley wowed, soothed, and befuddled in equal measure. It's a brain-twisting puzzler that tips its cone-shaped hat to M.C. Escher's logic-defying art. Hitman GO is one of the smartest console-to-iOS treatments we've ever seen, playing out like a particularly deadly puzzle boardgame. If you thought arty games were the preserve of the console gamer, check out David. This unusual mix of 2D shooter, platformer, and physics-puzzler strolls enigmatically into ninth spot on this month's games chart."

Top 10 iPhone Apps for April 2014

           APP NAME                                         PUBLISHER                                              Qi     
1     GrooveMaker 2     IK Multimedia 9.6
2     ElephantBites - Conquering, the Overwhelming     David Elgena 9.5
3     Yapert: Discover, Explore and Share Today’s Hottest Photos & Videos     Yapert 9.0
4     Picquest     Yishay Saban 8.9
5     EZCOMMA     David Tick 8.8
6     Razorgator eTickets: Sports, Concert & Theater Tickets     Razorgator 8.8
7     Checkmark 2     Snowman 8.8
8     Acompli Email & Calendar for Microsoft Exchange, Google Apps and Gmail for iPhone     Acompli 8.7
9     Epica - Epic camera and photo editor with funny poses for taking cool pictures     Wanman 8.7
10     Endless Numbers     Originator 8.4


"GrooveMaker 2 tops the April iPhone Qi app chart with its smart, intuitive beat-making skills. You don't need to be an accomplished musician to turn out funky results here, but a little talent will yield some highly polished tracks. Down at #3, meanwhile, is Yapert. It's a news and social network aggregator that seeks out what's hot online at any given moment and gathers it into one easy-on-the-eye location. Photography nuts will be impressed by Picquest in fourth place. It shows you nearby photographers on a map and gives you access to their latest work. Finally, an app for all those linguistically adept sorts who find trawling through the daily supply of text messages, social network posts, and website comments a painful experience. Down at #5, you see, EZCOMMA provides guidance on the appropriate use of commas."

The iPad Quality Index boasts over 110,000 scores from the world's best websites, such as  148AppsPocket Gamer, and  What's On iPhone, and uses a unique metric to create a single definitive score for each iPad title.

Top 10 iPad games for April 2014

                        GAME NAME                         PUBLISHER   Qi  
1   Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft   Blizzard Entertainment 9.4
2   Wayward Souls   Rocketcat Games 9.3
3   Monument Valley   ustwo 9.2
4   FTL: Faster Than Light   Subset Games 9.2
5   Ace Fishing: Wild Catch   Com2uS USA 8.6
6   Yomi   Sirlin Games 8.5
7   Leo's Fortune   1337 & Senri 8.3
8   iOOTP Baseball 2014 Edition   Out of the Park Developments 8.2
9   Hitman GO   SQUARE ENIX 8.0
10   Sometimes You Die   Philipp Stollenmayer 7.9

"We're not surprised that Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft has topped April's iPad Qi gaming chart. It's the current multi-platform king of freemiumeck-building games, with a streamlined interface and thrilling tactical potential. Still, Blizzard had some stiff opposition from another PC conversion, FTL, which sits at #4. Subset Games's epic space adventure has you taking control of your own spaceship, managing its systems and crew and gathering precious resources. Indeed,  Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft also faced competition from another top-notch deck builder in April in the shape of Yomi. This one combines card collecting and the basic principles of the one-on-one beat-'em-up... to unexpectedly brilliant effect. Finally, we have Leo's Fortune, a graphically lush platform-adventure that feels every inch the accomplished console creation, though it's been developed exclusively for mobile."


Top 10 iPad Apps for April 2014

        APP NAME                                    PUBLISHER                                           Qi       
1   GrooveMaker 2   IK Multimedia 9.6
2   My Incredible Body - A Kid's App to Learn about the Human Body   Zybright 9.0
3   Endless Numbers   Originator 8.4
4   Pen & Ink: A Watercolor Notebook   Stepping Stone Software 8.3
5   Snupps - Your stuff, organized.   Snupps 8.3
6   PhotoFlip!   Kinetic Vision 8.3
7   Piiig Labs: Science Experiments for Kids in Elementary School and Kindergarten   Piiig 8.3
8   Footpath Route Planner & Running Maps   Eric Wolfe 8.3
9   Windy ~ Sleep Relax Meditate with natural white noise sounds   Franz Bruckhoff 8.2
10   Union   Pixite 8.0


"GrooveMaker 2 tops the April iPad Qi chart for apps, and this beat-making app is arguably more at home on the larger iOS format. But let's move on to Pen & Ink at #4, which offers a beautiful approximation of a watercolour notebook. Learn its intricacies and you'll be turning out gorgeous painting-like artwork before you know it. Keeping the peaceful vibe down in ninth spot, Windy marries natural wind recordings (really) with beautiful artwork to help you relax. Apparently, it uses psychoacoustic 3D techniques to send you into a state of Zen-like bliss. Bringing up the rear this month is Union, a powerful image-blending tool that enables you to create evocative and - at times - surreal pictures by splicing together your photos in new and artistic ways."

Source: Games Press

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