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Return to the dark, engrossing world of Republique in Episode 2, Metamorphosis

by Han Cilliers (Lola)  Posted Monday, May 05, 2014 1:27:00 PM


Republique from Camouflajis is an exceptional mobile game, it's world is dark, intelligent, and engrossing and a must play for any mobile gamer. The game also won the best in storytelling category at the 10 Annual International Mobile Gaming Awards. Episode two, titled "Metamorphosis" that released on Thursday last week for Season Pass holders and Kickstarter supporters is now also available for download to the public.

Republique Metamorphosis.jpg

Official press release:

Independent studio Camouflaj announced today that the second of five installments in the critically acclaimed game République is available now on the App Store. Envisioned and executed by industry veterans behind such AAA games as F.E.A.R., Halo 4, and Metal Gear Solid 4, and designed specifically for iOS, République brings console-quality gameplay and graphics to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Episode 2: Metamorphosis explores the origins of intellectual fascism through the player’s continuing efforts to help a young woman named Hope escape an Orwellian prison. Amid growing intrigue and ever-more-dire consequences, she seeks out the librarian, Señor Luis Octavo (voiced by Marcelo Tubert), a sympathetic mentor whose concern for Hope makes him a target of The Overseer’s wrath. This second installment is both action-oriented and contemplative as the veil over Hope’s eyes is lifted. With the player’s help, she gains a better understanding of her captors and the desperate measures necessary if she is to free herself. 

“In classic Camouflaj fashion, we opted to go beyond simply telling the next chapter of our story,” said Jeremy Romanowski, artist at Camouflaj. “Episode 2 introduces a dozen new features including a new 3D map, a new guard type and new OMNI abilities, not to mention dozens of enhancements to the first episode. This is a big release.”

Following the two-year development of Episode 1: Exordium, the Bellevue-based development team wasted no time in creating Episode 2, honing its vision to deliver on three key areas: exploration, puzzles, and a deeper connection to Hope. At the heart of the experience is the airy, moonlit library – a labyrinthine environment that spans over 13,000 square feet. Camouflaj worked closely with Unity experts and pushed the hardware to its limits.

“Even though Episode 2’s environments are huge, our goal was to craft a more intimate experience,” said veteran République developer Greg Raab. “After winning the IMGA award for ‘Excellence in Narrative’ at GDC, the team has even greater confidence in our ability to convey epic experiences via our One Touch gameplay.”

Republique Metamorphosis2.jpg

Republique Metamorphosis3.jpg

Episode 2’s features include:

  • Metamorphosis Library: A stunning new environment that pushes the iOS hardware
  • Three Mind-Bending Puzzles: Created in collaboration with Kostya Stankevych, creator of Blueprint 3D
  • 3D Map: A stunning 3D representation of Metamorphosis – one of the most requested features – is added to Episodes 1 and 2
  • ARC Prizrak: A new guard type with randomized patrol routes and protective armor
  • New OMNI Abilities: New voyeuristic abilities enable the player to see through walls and monitor Prizrak patrol routes
  • Improved Performance: Optimized performance gains from Unity 4.5, most notably on iPhone 4, iPad mini and iPad 2
  • EP2 Soundtrack: All new soundtrack from composer Zinc LeMone, now available on iTunes
  • Part 3 of Video Documentary: A candid look at the development of Episode 2 is available as a free download for Season Pass owners

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