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Third Eye Crime will blow your mind

by Han Cilliers (Lola)  Posted Tuesday, April 08, 2014 12:36:00 PM


Third Eye Crime promises to gather fans from so many different gaming genres it will make your head spin. It's a stealth game with telepathic powers, wrapped around a classic film noir crime drama. Players will have to solve puzzles, avoid the powers that be and get their hands dirty when action is called for. Third Eye Crime is being developed by Moonshot Games, an Indie studio comprising of former Bungie developers. The studio's co-founder and president, Isa Damián, was AI and Gameplay Engineering Lead at Bungie Studios, where he was responsible for the AI of Halo 2 and Halo 3. In his 7 years at Bungie, he worked on many aspects of the vaunted “Halo sandbox”, as well as on animation and character-physics tech. He was also a contributor to Halo’s story development process.

Third Eye Crime releases on iPad this Spring, and according to Blast Magazine, Third Eye Crime, will be one of the best mobile games on the market. "Third Eye Crime is unlike anything currently available for mobile devices in style and gameplay. Its ambitious AI and refusal to conform to genre expectations, both noir and stealth, give Third Eye Crime the potential to garner a lot of attention when it sneaks into the App Store this spring."

Moonshot Games.jpg

I am Rothko

The hero of Third Eye Crime, or rather, the villain, is Rothko, a criminal with telepathic powers which enables him to predict enemy movements, in other words, to be a better thief. He can also use his power to set up false leads and avoid the authorities.

"Any thug off the street'll tell you they got what it takes to pull the big heist. But there's one thing that makes me special.

I can read your mind."


Creating the illusion of telepathy

Daimian Isla, co-founder and President of Moonshot Games, explained the process behind Rothko’s telepathy ability on the dev Blog.

"Rothko’s telepathy is really an AI technique called an “occupancy map”. Occupancy maps were a big part of my research when I was in grad school, and they are basically a nice way to drive NPC perception and search behavior. They take a some inspiration from some of the work done in the area of robotics (where occupancy maps are used by robots to map a new environment) and some inspiration from the work of the child psychologist, Piaget, who is most famous for his theory of object permanence. This is the notion that objects do not cease to exist when we stop seeing them." 

We can expect great things from Third Eye Crime. I hope it will also release on Android. On 26 March, Moonshot released this tease on the Facebook page, "Guess what? Third Eye Crime just got submitted to the App Store! More to come soon!"

Telepathic adventure commencing soon!

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