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Check Out the Share-What-You-Want Android Games Bundle

by Han Cilliers (Lola)  Posted Friday, December 13, 2013 1:48:00 PM, the bundle site dedicated to Android gaming, announced the release of its second bundle "Mind over Matter". The bundle includes a mixture of six popular and lesser-known indie titles for Android at a whopping 75% discount. But there is a twist: two of the games start out locked and users are invited to share the news about this indie bundle in social media in order to unlock them for everyone. 


"Share-What-You-Want" vs "Pay-What-You-Want"

With Share-What-You-Want hopes to address the two-sided app-discoverability / lack-of-visibility problem afflicting gamers and developers, respectively. The idea is to actively provide incentives for its user base to regularly promote indie Android games in a viral way. The name "Share-What-You-Want" is a play on words stemming from "Pay-What-You-Want", a popular pricing strategy amongst bundle sites, but replacing the emphasis on pricing-related concepts with an emphasis on popularity-related concepts. In effect, while up until now bundle sites have been rewarding their users as a function of the price paid per bundle or the total number of bundles sold, introduces for the first time rewards based on the number of social media shares.

"Mind over Matter"

The "Mind over Matter" bundle follows the successful "Numero Uno" debut bundle and becomes available on December 13, 2013 00:00 CET. "Mind over Matter" comprises:

  • Burn the Rope+
  • Age of Conquest: Europe
  • Chromasphere
  • Beekyr HD: Eco Shoot'em up
  • Megacity 
  • SimpleRockets

The bundle site is optimised for Android tablets and mobile phones, and can be accessed using any internet connected devices. Check out the bundle here.

Source: Games Press

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