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 about 2 days ago
by Stuart McGarrick (SilentiSonas)
Deception, bluffing and interrogation make The Resistance a game that ruins friendships, makes you rethink relationships and never take anything for granted in the best way possible.... Read More Read More
 about 5 days ago
by Rezaa De Vos (TolkenWhiteBoy)
Amazing Princess Sarah is a weird, great and addictive game. Its initial impression was something trying to use huge pixelated boobed characters to sell the game. I was wrong.... Read More Read More
 about 5 days ago
by Ryno Warwick (SonZ)
Logitech labelled the Hyperion Fury mouse as “The Worlds fastest gaming mouse”. Does it deliver? ... Read More Read More
 about 5 days ago
by Zaid Kriel (Zaid)
Does the biggest game of 2014 live up to its hype? Nope. But that doesn't make a it a bad game.... Read More Read More
 about 9 days ago
by Tauriq Moosa (Tauriq)
We stared at each other for a while. I cleared my throat and said: “Xbox On”. It beeped immediately, lights flashed, and I was interrogated by a machine. My stupid face was brought up on screen and,... Read More Read More
 about 10 days ago
by Wessel Minnie (Sillicur)
The Sims 4 offers some innovative new features that makes up a framework for a brilliant game, yet it falls short in delivering a complete experiencing, as it feels more like a barebones version due... Read More Read More
 about 19 days ago
by Wessel Minnie (Sillicur)
Heroes of the Storm is still in its technical alpha phase, yet it is already shaping up to be an exceptinal MOBA game. The game has memorable characters from the WarCraft, StarCraft and Diablo... Read More Read More
 about 23 days ago
by Zaid Kriel (Zaid)
Sacred 3 is kind of like a pack of cheap gum you impulse buy at the check out till. It tastes great initially, but the flavour evaporates pretty and then you spit it out and forget you ever had it.... Read More Read More
 about 25 days ago
by Wessel Minnie (Sillicur)
The Maker's Eden from local Indie devs, Screwy Lightbulb, is a first-person sci-fi noir hypertext adventure game presented in the style of a motion comic.... Read More Read More
 about 26 days ago
by Kyle Wolmarans (Congo)
Risen 3: Titan Lords returns you to the Caribbean Islands where you face off against new threats and encounter new adventures. While the story may keep you pressing on you'll have to battle more than... Read More Read More
 about 30 days ago
by Tauriq Moosa (Tauriq)
Diablo 3 shows it is possible to not only improve but radically transform your work to the point of causing a sceptic to do a 180.... Read More Read More
 about 32 days ago
by Stuart McGarrick (SilentiSonas)
Plaid Hat Games are about to release Dead of Winter Crossroads. Does this survival board game question our moral judgement or simply feed us to the zombie horde?... Read More Read More
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1. Sid Meier's Civilization V: The Complete Edition
Publisher: 2K
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2. Total War Rome II Pirates & Raiders Culture Pack
Publisher: SEGA
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3. Total War Rome II Hannibal at the Gates
Publisher: SEGA
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4. Total War Shogun 2 Collection
Publisher: SEGA
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5. Tomb Raider
Publisher: Square Enix
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1. The Sims 4: Limited Edition
Brand: Electronic Arts
Now R479

2. FIFA 15
Brand: Electronic Arts
Now R649

3. FIFA 15
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4. Destiny: Vanguard Edition [First 300 Pre-Orders Only]
Brand: Activision/Blizzard
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5. FIFA 15
Brand: Electronic Arts
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1. Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag - Special Edition
Platform: Xbox One
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2. Project Spark
Brand: Microsoft
Now R430

3. Blood Bowl 2
Brand: Focus Home
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4. Orb Xbox One Controller Thumb Grips
Brand: ORB
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5. The Walking Dead Season 1 (GOTY)
Brand: Nordic Games
Now R649