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 about 3 hours ago
by Nicholas Holden (Holden ZA)
A beautiful two-and-a-half dimensional side scroller, that lets us down with repetitive gameplay and a bland story. ... Read More Read More
 about yesterday
by Tauriq Moosa (Tauriq)
Bloodborne is a hard game, a punishing game, an inaccessible, frustrating, obscure game. It is also a beautiful game, mesmerising, mysterious, fascinating and unbelievably rewarding... Read More Read More
 about 4 days ago
by Zubayr Bhyat (plut)
Mortal Kombat X is an accessible, engaging and content-rich fighting game. Nether Realms' focus on giving value to the gamer shows in this excellent title.... Read More Read More
 about 8 days ago
by Wessel Minnie (Sillicur)
StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void closed Beta preview featuring balance and macro changes, new units and Archon Mode.... Read More Read More
 about 10 days ago
by Kyle Wolmarans (Congo)
Ever wanted to command your own army and reign supreme as ancient general did? Well now you can with Total War: Attila.... Read More Read More
 about 13 days ago
by Kyle Wolmarans (Congo)
We test drove the BenQ RL2460HT, and it was quite the ride.... Read More Read More
 about 14 days ago
by Zubayr Bhyat (plut)
Evolve's Hunting Season Pass and Behemoth are compelling additions to a fascinating game. Why they had to be paid-for DLC is another question though.... Read More Read More
 about 21 days ago
by Kyle Wolmarans (Congo)
Step onto the crease and try your hands at one of the most complex sporting games we've played in a while. ... Read More Read More
 about 22 days ago
by Tauriq Moosa (Tauriq)
The overarching dread of Bloodborne hangs over you like the shadows of its Gothic buildings.... Read More Read More
 about 22 days ago
by Tauriq Moosa (Tauriq)
Though gorgeous and fun, if repetitive, Duscae does justice to what will probably be the full game.... Read More Read More
 about 26 days ago
by Tauriq Moosa (Tauriq)
Death is the great teacher – and, in death, you are slowly allowed to progress. The game consumes you. And so far, I’m loving being in its poison jaws. One more bite, please.... Read More Read More
 about 27 days ago
by Wessel Minnie (Sillicur)
Battlefield Hardline's singleplay might be a bust, but its multiplayer is a brilliant combination of previous BF titles' gameplay and new, fast paced game modes.... Read More Read More
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