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 about 5 days ago
by Wessel Minnie (Sillicur)
Sid Meyer's Civilization: Beyond Earth is a futuristic, turn-based game that focuses on grand strategy. In this preview, the first 200 turns are explored, focusing on why Beyond Earth could be the... Read More Read More
 about 8 days ago
by Han Cilliers (Lola)
Frag or be fragged.... Read More Read More
 about 13 days ago
by Han Cilliers (Lola)
Grimrock 2 contains more than 20 hours of pure blooded dungeon crawling gameplay with grid-based movement and thousands of squares filled with hidden switches, pressure plates, secret doors, riddles,... Read More Read More
 about 16 days ago
by Kyle Wolmarans (Congo)
Star Citizen release their new trailer called Galactic Gear, a spoof on popular TV show Top Gear.... Read More Read More
 about 26 days ago
by Wessel Minnie (Sillicur)
Valve has released an update that features the Goblin Techies, a hero that will change the way public Dota 2 games are played forever and will either be loved or absolutely hated by players.... Read More Read More
 about 29 days ago
by Han Cilliers (Lola)
PC gamers can stop crying over Destiny because the biggest game of all time finally has a release date for PC (and PS4 and Xbox One.)... Read More Read More
 about 30 days ago
by Han Cilliers (Lola)
In Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, fate throws together a very unusual band of brothers; an elf wraith, a hobbit twisted and changed by the Ring, a Ranger and an Urak. Celebrimbor, elf wraith and... Read More Read More
 about 30 days ago
by Zaid Kriel (Zaid)
After successfully re-jigging the Baldur's Gate series with enhancements for PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Android, developer Beamdog is planning on doing the same for Icewind Dale. ... Read More Read More
 about 33 days ago
by Han Cilliers (Lola)
Ubisoft announced that Assassin's Creed Unity will release on November 11. The reason for the two week delay is to "ensure that the quality of the game meets fans’ - and the team’s - lofty... Read More Read More
 about 34 days ago
by Han Cilliers (Lola)
The Humble Jumbo Bundle is a sight to behold. It includes a staggering 10 games, and not just any games - mega hit Terraria, the Legend of Grimrock, and The Incredible Adventures of van Helsing, to... Read More Read More
 about 34 days ago
by Han Cilliers (Lola)
ESCAPE Dead Island explains the origin of the Zombie outbreak and connects the events leading to the story of the upcoming Dead Island 2. So if you're a fan of the series then you have to play ESCAPE... Read More Read More
 about 35 days ago
by Han Cilliers (Lola)
Bioware announced that Dragon Age; Inquisition will have four-player, co-op quests, which will be separate from the single-player, open-world story. ... Read More Read More
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1. Super Street Fighter® IV Arcade Edition
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2. Resident Evil 6
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3. Starpoint Gemini 2
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4. Resident Evil 4
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5. Resident Evil Revelations
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1. The Sims 4: Limited Edition
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2. FIFA 15
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3. FIFA 15
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4. Destiny: Vanguard Edition [First 300 Pre-Orders Only]
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5. FIFA 15
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1. Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag - Special Edition
Platform: Xbox One
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2. Project Spark
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3. Blood Bowl 2
Brand: Focus Home
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4. Orb Xbox One Controller Thumb Grips
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5. The Walking Dead Season 1 (GOTY)
Brand: Nordic Games
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