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SA into 1st Gear

"He said 1.2 million jobs were created" yea surely, mainly in the public sector. then again, they might have created th...more

SA 'government invests R1bn in infrastructure' daily - minister - 46 minutes ago.


A big main reason why businesses fail sometimes within two months and I've seen this happen is because proper market res...more

5 instant cost-cutting strategies for a bumpy economy - 11 hours ago.

Goran Racic

No, it isn't- 315 m in 3 weeks? 0.469 mm/s- grass grows faster than that....

Curiosity to explore Mars' mysterious dark dunes - 24 hours ago.


Faster F1 cars might make the sport more entertaining.

F1 Teams bickering over 2017 tyre testing? - 172 hours ago.

Ian Huntly

I prefer 8.1 by quite a long way, although 10 seems a bit faster, the UI has changed again and I am finding it difficult...more

Windows 10: The road so far - 263 hours ago.


Should be another extraordinary experience in Egypt

Egyptian city's plan for an underwater museum - 295 hours ago.


So let's see, that's increased electricity tariffs, added to increased water rates thanks to shortages, drought, and ail...more

Eskom seeks permission to recover R23bn via tariffs - 295 hours ago.

Desmond Kurz

Geez, its not fun being "the consumer" at the moment....I just wonder what this would mean in respect of a tariff increa...more

Eskom seeks permission to recover R23bn via tariffs - 297 hours ago.

hvd hvd

win 10 is good i just dont like forced updates.

Windows 10: The road so far - 311 hours ago.

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