How to make California & Maki rolls

Published on Tuesday, July 03, 2012 2:42:00 PM

We have a hunch that California rolls have something to do with the Beach Boys and surfing but don’t yet have conclusive evidence. While we gather facts, learn how to make two iconic sushi dishes with raw salmon, avocado, cucumber and sesame seeds.

serve maki rolls

Article source: Yuppiechef

Ingredients to make California or Maki rolls

Cooked, cool sushi rice (learn how to make sushi rice)
Half a side of Alaskan salmon (it is on the SASSI green list, read more here)
½ a cucumber, peeled, deseeded and sliced
½ an avocado, peeled and sliced thinly lengthways
6 sheets of nori
20g sesame seeds, toasted

It is very helpful to have a silicone sushi mat (pictured below, buy one here) otherwise covering a traditional bamboo sushi mat in Clingwrap does the trick. Make sure you have a sharp knife for cutting your raw fish and the sushi, when rolled. Without a sharp knife, you will end up squashing your creation before it sees the light of plate.

Very simply, California rolls have their rice on the outside and are finished with sesame seeds while Maki rolls have their rice on the inside and are finished off with an outer layer of nori (seaweed sheet, tasty).

Making California rolls

1. Wet your hands and take a handful of sushi rice and press in an even layer onto the sushi mat, cover with a sheet of nori.

2. Place the avocado, cucumber and salmon horizontally the nori making sure that you have left a 2cm gap.

avo and salmon maki roll

3. Lift the edge of the sushi mat closest to you and gently roll the sushi as you press the rice together until the ends of the mat meet.

4. Open the mat and place the California roll on the clean counter or table surface and roll into toasted sesame seeds.

roll maki rolls

5. Drape the mat evenly over the California roll and press gently to shape the roll into a rounded tube, then slice the sushi into 6 equal portions using a wetted sharp knife.

slice maki rollsjpg 

Making Maki rolls

1. Place a sheet of nori onto the sushi mat, wet your hands and take a handful of sushi rice and press in an even layer onto the nori.
2. Repeat the steps above as for the California rolls (but leave out the sesame seed bit).

rice for make rolls

The Alaskan Salmon can be swapped for fresh, uncooked tuna, slices of shelled prawn or anything else you are adventurous enough to try. Serve with wasabi paste, sushi mayonnaise and pickled ginger. Sushi ahoy!


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