Late arrival

In the event of a team arriving late for their scheduled game they will be allocated a 15 minute grace period. After 20 minutes the late team will be penalized allowing the opposing team to pick their side and whether they wish to pick first or not. After 30 minutes the team will forfeit a game and start the series one game down (in the event of a best of 3 or 2). If it is a best of one a grace period of 45 minutes will be allocated and if this time is not met the opposing team will be granted a win.


In the case of disconnects it is the teams duty to pause the game should their player disconnect. If the player is unable to rejoin the match in accordance with the game admin and a unanimous decision you are able to exercise the remake option.


The admin for that specific match (who will contact you prior to the game within 12 hours) will need to be notified at least 30 minutes prior to the match in the case of a substitute/stand-in will be needed. The stand-in may be any player who is not taking place in the current tournament (teams knocked out excluded) and needs to be from Southern Africa.

A maximum of 2 substitutes/stand-ins may be used per team.

Roster changes

Should your initial registered team roster change throughout the tournament due to any unforeseen unfortunate circumstances please allow due notice to an admin in order to complete a roster change.

Registration Courtesy

If your team registers and takes place in the tournament please be sure that you are able to partake in the entirety of the tournament. This is an amazing opportunity for South African gamers and if you sign up you are obligated to play.


Southern Africa’s top 8 teams have been invited to the tournament. The 8 invited teams will be seeded into the round of 16 based on prior performance and standings. Registrations open to 32 teams wishing to qualify for the tournament, where the 32 registered teams will be placed into 8 groups of 4 who will play a best of 2 group stage with the top team progressing to the round of 16 to join the 8 invited teams.

In the event of a tie breaker in the group stages a best of 1 game will be played between the respected teams to determine a winner until the tie is broken.


In the event of a dispute over unfair game play, breach of *moral conduct or suspected cheating please report to one of the admins with sufficient evidences (screenshots, chat logs, etc).

*Moral conduct regards to excessive use of foul language, intentional antagonization or racism. These will not be tolerated.


The admins for the tournament will apply fair policy where necessary and no decision will be made base on any sole admin regarding any disputes. Please note the admins decision is final.


No player may stream his/her game during their match. Casters have been allocated for the majority of matches. Casters are agreed to display relevant media relating to the tournament. A stream delay of minimum 2 minutes is strictly advised.


Which server will the Southern African matches be played on?

Since this is a Southern African tournament the games will be played on South African Servers.

My opponent cheated what do I do?

Firstly contact an admin the admin of the match, he will supply you with the head admin email address where you will email any proof to them.

When must I play my games?

The tournament times have been released here. An admin will contact you prior to each match to remind you of the start time for your matches that evening.

How do I find my opponents?

An admin will put you in contact with each other prior to each match. Please be available at least an hour before your match.

How do I report a score?

Each match will be admined and the match score will be reported to the head admin of the tournament.