Bigtime Broadband
Unlimited Internet access for a fixed monthly price
R219 - R899
Basic Home & Office
1, 2, or 3GB internet access bundles
R69 - R259
Internet Addict
Uncapped, Unshaped
Perfect for gamers and heavy downloaders
R499 - R2,359
Business ADSL
Uncapped, Unshaped
24/7 support, free router and your own account manager
R499 - R2,359

Broadband ADSL: Uncapped

  • Use as much data as you like
  • Phone and surf the web at the same time
  • Pay a fixed monthly price
  • Ideal for video calling, downloads and running a small office
Step 1. Choose your connection speed

384 kbps

512 kbps

4096 kbps
You can always upgrade later to a faster connection speed
Step 2. Choose your package
MWEB All Inclusive
Includes both your uncapped data and ADSL line rental
R per month
(All you need in one package at a great price)

Data only
You pay MWEB for the data and Telkom for the ADSL line rental separately
R* per month
*R to MWEB for your data
R to Telkom for your ADSL line rental
R Total
MWEB All Inclusive is the better value deal
Step 3. Buy now

  • Uncapped data
  • Shaped service
R per month

What connection speed is right for me?

Your connection speed controls how quickly data gets to your computer over the internet.

A good budget option for 1 or 2 users browsing the web and sending emails.
This is better suited for a family or small office for large file downloads as well as video streaming and video calling.
If you require the fastest connection for large file downloads, online gaming and streaming, the Fastest connection is for you.
Click here for technical details

What is All Inclusive?

To use ADSL you need to pay:
  • an Internet Service Provider (ISP) for your data and
  • Telkom for the rental of an ADSL line to carry the internet data to your computer.
It is common practice to pay Telkom and an ISP separately but at MWEB we have combined these costs to give you an All Inclusive deal that works out cheaper than paying your ISP and Telkom separately.

With All Inclusive you get a monthly bill from MWEB – no extra ADSL fees. (This does not include your telephone line rental)

If you are already paying for an ADSL line, its easy to switch over to MWEB to get all the benefits of All Inclusive, just give us a call and we will take care of the rest.
08600 32000 See how easy it is to switch to All Inclusive and start saving.

What is a shaped service?

A shaped service is a moderated way that data is delivered to your computer through your ADSL line.

Certain things are given priority over others, e.g. websites, are given priority over email being downloaded.

e.g. If you are downloading your email, and surfing the web, you will get to the web page first before your emails have completed downloading.
Click here for technical details

What do I need?

  • An existing telephone line (not prepaid)
  • A Broadband ADSL subscription from MWEB.
  • A Broadband ADSL modem or router (Available from MWEB for only R599)
  • A desktop or laptop PC


  • 300 Wi-Fi Minutes: As an MWEB Customer you get 300 Wi-Fi minutes at Wi-Fi hotspots around the country. Always stay connected whether you’re in the transit lounge at OR Tambo International or sipping the froth off a fresh cappuccino.
  • Web SMS: Send batch SMS messages from your computer via the internet and add the costs to your monthly bill
  • 4 extra email addresses: Spread the word, and get the family connected with 4 extra email addresses
  • MWEB FaxMail: Send and receive faxes via email
  • MTalk Webcall: Whether your Gran is in Springbok or North Hampshire, keep in touch at a fraction of the cost of a telephone call