PLEASE NOTE: These product or service specific terms and conditions must always be read together with our General Terms and Conditions, and ADSL Service Terms, which will always apply to your use of this product or service.
MWEB ADSL DSTV BoxOffice Data Product Terms


  • 1.1 These conditions are in addition to our General Terms and Conditions and the ADSL Service Terms ("the Terms") and in the event of any inconsistency these Product Terms will override the Terms.
    In these MWEB ADSL DSTV BoxOffice Data Product Terms:
  • 1.2 Any term defined in the Terms or the BoxOffice Online Service Terms and not defined below, shall bear the same meaning as defined therein unless the context clearly indicates the contrary.
  • 1.3 Base Cap or Cap/Capped means the amount of Blended Data and/or DSTV Data available to you during the course of a calendar month;
  • 1.4 Blended Data means data comprising of both international and/or local data;
  • 1.5 BoxOffice Online Service means the service provided by Multichoice Africa (Pty) Ltd ("Multichoice") whereby you may select, Download, rent and view a Movie Title on the terms set out in the BoxOffice Online Service Terms;
  • 1.6 BoxOffice Online Service Terms means the BoxOffice Online Service Terms applicable to the BoxOffice Online Service from time to time located at or any other URL used by Multichoice;
  • 1.7 DSTV Data means the 5 Gb Base Cap data, which is only available for access and use of the BoxOffice Online Service;
  • 1.8 Booster means the additional amount of Blended Data added to your Base Cap once the Base Cap of either Blended Data or DSTV Data has been depleted;
  • 1.9 Booster Based Billing means that you will not be able to continue to use the Internet and/or the BoxOffice Online Service once you have reached your Base Cap, unless you buy a Booster;
  • 1.10 Service Period means 6 (six) months from the Activation date of this MWEB ADSL DSTV Data Product.


    Product Description and Acceptable Use

  • 2.1 This Product is designed to make 5 Gb DSTV Data available to you per calendar month, to access the BoxOffice Online Service only, during the Service Period, without payment of Service Fees.
  • 2.2 In addition, as user of the 5 Gb DSTV Data, you will also have the convenience of having Blended Data Capped at 1 Gb ("1 Gb Data") available for use in conjunction with the DSTV Data product. The 1 Gb Data is not intended for use unless you make reasonable use of the 5 Gb DSTV Data product. No Service Fees for the 1 Gb Data will be payable provided you make acceptable use of it, which will be measured against the following acceptable use rule, namely:
    • 2.2.1 You register as a BoxOffice Online Subscriber; and
    • 2.2.2 You ensure that 2 (two) consecutive months do not pass without you renting a Movie Title on the BoxOffice Online Service. If you do not intend using the 5 Gb DSTV Data as above, then you should not make use of the 1 Gb Data.
  • 2.3 Without limiting our rights in the AUP attached to our Terms, MWEB reserves the right to charge and bill you for use of the 1 Gb Data with Service Fees normally applicable to our standard Data Only Packages including on an Out of Bundle Billing basis, should you use the 1 Gb Data in breach of the above rule in 2.2 which breach will be deemed a contravention of our AUP.
  • 2.4 Customary MWEB Value Added Services available to you will be limited to those of entry level products, in particular, Wi-Fi minutes, free uncapped hosting and local only access will not apply.

  • Eligibility

  • 2.5 This Product is only available as a Data Only Package.
  • 2.6 This Product is not available to:
    • 2.6.1 existing active MWEB ADSL Subscribers, excluding current active 1 Gb Data Only ADSL MWEB Subscribers, with fees up to date, who may migrate to this Product;
    • 2.6.2 anyone whose DN number is blacklisted with MWEB.
  • 2.7 You may only have one Subscription to and only subscribe once to this Product, which Product is not transferable to third parties.

  • Term and Termination

  • 2.8 This Product will automatically terminate after the Service Period and you will have no further access to the Internet or the DSTV Data. This will also apply to Subscribers who migrated from our standard 1 Gb ADSL Data Only Product.
  • 2.9 You may cancel this Product on written notice, following our cancellation procedure, at any time with immediate effect.
  • 2.10 If you Upgrade this Product to any other MWEB ADSL Product (which products only allow for Blended Data) during the Service Period you will forfeit all remaining Blended Data and DSTV Data available on this Product. In such event this MWEB ADSL DSTV Box Office Data Product Terms will be automatically cancelled but the Terms defined in 1.1. shall remain applicable.


  • 3.1 No Service Fees will be payable unless you purchase a Booster or contravene our acceptable use rules above.
  • 3.2 Subject to 2.3 above only Booster Based Billing will be available.
  • 3.3 Multichoice will be responsible for, and bill you, for its BoxOffice Online Service.


  • 4.1 Once you reach or exceed your Base Cap on:
    • 4.1.1 both the DSTV Data and 1Gb Blended Data, you will have no access to the BoxOffice Online Service nor be able to use the Internet until the start of the next month, unless you buy a Booster;
    • 4.1.2 the 1 Gb Blended Data only, you will only have access to the BoxOffice Online Service until you have depleted the DSTV Data Base Cap and will have no other access to the Internet until the start of the next month, unless you buy a Booster.
  • 4.2 If any Download is not allowed to be completed due to you reaching any Base Cap you may still be responsible to Multichoice for the Download and in such event MWEB will not be responsible for any damages you may suffer as a result thereof. You are responsible for monitoring usage and the amount of data of each Download to ensure you have sufficient Data available to complete a Download.