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Enjoy the convenience of downloading and watching the latest blockbuster movies from DStv BoxOffice in the comfort of your home - or anywhere you choose - without having to worry about your data costs!

You get:
  • 6GB free MWEB ADSL data per month for 6 months to download your DSTV BoxOffice movies
  • 1GB of this data can also be used to surf the internet
  • PLUS your first movie is on us!
How do I get it?
  • Step 1: Sign Up for your free data by calling 087 700 5000
  • Step 2: Change your router settings - it takes less than 5 mins
  • Step 3: Once you have signed up, you‘ll receive an email containing a voucher code and a link to use to claim your movie on us
  • Step 4: Click on the link - start downloading!
Call us on 087 70­0 5000 to sign up or click here and we'll call you back

Need technical help? Please call MWEB Technical support on 087 700 0777.
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You're almost ready to enjoy the latest blockbuster movies from DStv BoxOffice.
To get started, call MWEB on 087 70­0 5000 and we'll get you set up.

We'll need some info from you:

  • ID Number
  • Home address
  • Cellphone number
  • Telephone number of your ADSL line (This would be the same as for your voice line)
  • Banking details (This will allow you additional data boosters,
    should you run out of data)
Change your router settings

Follow these easy steps to change your router settings:

  1. Open your web browser (e.g. Firefox or Internet Explorer etc.)
  2. Type your router (Modem) IP address into the address bar at the top of your page. This address should be in the 'Router Guide' you received with your router.
  3. Replace your existing router 'User Details' and 'Password' with the new User Details and Password, which we provided to you when you signed up for this product.
  4. Click 'save'
  5. Go to the email you received containing your voucher code and follow the instructions to start downloading your movie on us.
  6. To change your router settings back to the original settings, you need to repeat the above steps and add your original router 'User Details' and 'Password'.
What you need to know
  • Upon successful set up of your new MWEB account, you‘ll receive an email containing a link to download your first movie on us. Click on the link to redeem your movie voucher.
  • Each month, for six months, you will be supplied with 5GB of free "DStv Data" to use on DStv BoxOffice and 1GB of Blended Data to surf local and international websites.
  • Once your 5GB free "DStv Data" is used up, you can also use your remaining 1GB Blended Data to access the DStv products.
  • Once your 1GB of Blended Data is depleted, you'll need to buy a Booster to continue surfing international and local websites, or downloading movies from DStv BoxOffice.
  • DStv BoxOffice support can be contacted on 011 ­289 2244 or @DStvCare on Twitter and "DStv" Facebook
  • MWEB Technical Support is available for connectivity queries on 087 700 0777 or @MWEBGuy on Twitter and MWEB Guy on Facebook.
  • For full Terms and Conditions click here
Technical Support

Call: 087 700 0777
Mail: technic@mweb.com
Hrs: Mon-Sat                08.00-22.00
         Sundays              10.00-22.00
         Public Holidays  08.00-22.00

Sales Enquiries

Call: 087 70­0 5000
Mail: sales@mweb.com Hrs: Mon-Fri      08.00-19.00
         Saturday   08.00-17.00
         Sunday     10.00-15.00

Account Help

Call: 021­ 596 8486
Mail: billing@mweb.com Hrs:  Mon-Fri 08.00-17.00

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