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Sign up for this R199 deal and enjoy FREE Uncapped WiFi at 13 million Fon hotspots worldwide, 25 000 local Fon hotspots and MWEB WiFi zones, PLUS 5GB FREE WiFi at AlwaysOn hotspots.

*T&Cs Apply. Access to Fon for MWEB Fon subscribers only.

The world's largest WiFi network*. It's here. WiFi Technology has hit the shores of South Africa, all thanks to MWEB. It’s a new type of router, and it's your passport to gain access to the world's largest WiFi network. This router is Fon-enabled, meaning it allows you to connect to over 13 million Fon hotspots all over the world.

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You can purchase the Fon-enabled router for only R799**, on all Uncapped ADSL products and certain Capped ADSL products.

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MWEB Fon customers, locate a convenient MWEB WiFi hotspot near you and enjoy Uncapped WiFi*.

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The WiFi router is not just a WiFi router, it is Fon-enabled, meaning that it has 2 separate networks, one private just for you and one shared for other Fon network members.

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More about this R199 deal:

  • 13 million Fon hotspots worldwide
  • 25 000 local Fon hotspots
  • MWEB WiFi zones
Plus 5GB of WiFi at 750 AlwaysOn hotspots
To get started, you'll need...
  • A fixed phone-line that has been enabled for ADSL
  • A Fon-enabled router. Your MWEB Fon-enabled router will install automatically since it’s a "plug in and play" device
  • An Internet enabled device e.g. computer, laptop, tablet or phone
It is quick and easy to sign up online, simply provide us with the following details:
  • Your name, surname, ID and contact number, physical address and banking details
  • Choose your preferred MWEB email address and password
  • Provide us with your Telkom telephone number and confirm whether you are the telephone line owner. Existing ADSL customers, who are simply switching to MWEB, do not need to order an ADSL line. This is only applicable to customers who have never had ADSL.
  • Agree to the T&Cs and click the Submit button
Data Cap

No data cap (subject to MWEB Acceptable Use Policy )

Download and Upload speeds

Download speed: Up to 2 Mbps
Upload speed: Up to 256 Kbps

Shaping and throttling

Throttling is the purposeful slowing down of an Internet service by an ISP. It is a measure to regulate network traffic and minimize bandwidth congestion. By actively limiting a user's upload and download rates on platforms such as video streaming, BitTorrent protocols and other file sharing applications, it is possible to balance out the usage of the total bandwidth supplied across all users on the network thereby ensuring all users have access to bandwidth when they need it.

Shaping is used to optimise the use of the MWEB network, by shaping traffic according to importance. This is done by giving certain protocols preference over others by prioritising it so we shape in favor of Gaming and media streaming on our Connect ADSL products by default.

  • No concurrent sessions: you can only log into your ADSL account from one location at a time.
  • Uncapped Website Hosting Lite can be added at an additional cost of R29 PM.
  • A user's connection speed may be throttled based on usage patterns and usage history.
WiFi Router features:
  • Easy installation and setup
  • Ability to broadcast multiple WiFi Service Set Identifiers (SSIDs). Private SSID for home use and a public SSID for public use.
  • Off-site support for software upgrades or configuration.
  • Built-in Firewall to protect your privacy.
  • Up to 30m Wireless N (300Mbps) coverage.
  • Fast Ethernet ports to connect up to 4 devices to your LAN.
  • USB port for 3G failover via a 3G Modem* and file sharing – Plugging a USB HDD into your router enables you to access the files on the device.
WiFi Range Extender features:
  • Will allow up to 5 meters of WiFi coverage
  • One touch setup

Watch the video

  • Click here to view a day in the life of a Fon customer.

MWEB Customers connect locally and internationally

*T&Cs Apply. Access to Fon for MWEB Fon subscribers only. Line speeds quoted are best effort and represent "up to" speeds.

**Price incl. VAT. Excludes delivery fee.